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Heat Pump Controls

$250 cash incentive

Your electric furnace may be adding to your energy costs by working to warm up your home before your heat pump has a chance to kick in. Heat pump controls prevent your furnace from turning on when it is not needed. Installing heat pump controls for your existing system can save up to $100 on annual heating costs and helps you maintain a comfortable home without having to buy a new heat pump.

Available in Oregon
  1. Establish your eligibility.

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    You must live in Oregon and heat your home with electricity provided by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power.

  2. Select a contractor and have the work completed.

    To receive an Energy Trust cash incentive, contact a qualified energy-efficiency-trained Energy Trust trade ally contractor or any contractor with a current Oregon Construction Contractors Board license.

  3. Submit your incentive application within 60 days of installation.

    In order to complete your application, you’ll need to enter information such as the installation date, equipment serial/model number, and include a scan or legible digital photo of your contractor’s invoice. Your contractor may help you complete the application form. Please allow six to eight weeks for incentive processing and payment.

    If you’d rather self-install a smart thermostat than have a contractor install controls for your heat pump, please see our incentive for smart thermostats.

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    Energy Trust of Oregon
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Equipment Incentive Requirements
Heat pump controls $250

Controls must be included in Energy Trust’s list of qualifying products. Controls must have an outdoor temperature sensor or be web-enabled and retrieve weather data from the internet. Must lockout electric furnace auxiliary heat at 35°F or lower. Installation must be performed by a contractor with a valid Oregon Construction Contractors Board license.

Existing or replacement heat pump must have electric furnace backup to qualify.

Cannot be combined with other heat pump, heat pump controls or smart thermostat incentives.

A heat pump must be used as the primary heat source; back-up systems and ductless heat pumps (also called mini-splits) do not qualify for this incentive. Home with “hybrid” systems that include a gas furnace and a heat pump are not eligible. Limit one incentive per residence.

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

Incentives are not intended to influence consumer decisions on fuel sources.


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