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Multifamily Forms

TIME SENSITIVE: If you have documentation of purchased qualifying equipment installed within the last 90 days and prior to 4/5/2021, Energy Trust is providing a limited-time window for you to submit an application subject to the prior program requirements, including measures and incentive levels, that were listed on the website on 4/4/2021.

To request a prior version of the application, contact us immediately at

Energy Trust must receive your application, with all required project completion documentation showing proof of purchase and installation prior to 4/5/2021 by 4/12/2021. Applications received after this date will be subject to the current program requirements and incentive limits in effect.

General Project Forms


Incentive Information Sheets

  • Multifamily Cash Incentive Booklet (PDF)
  • Condos and Townhome Owner Incentives (PDF)
  • Existing Multifamily Foodservice Equipment (PDF)
  • Specifications Manual (PDF)